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Increase Sales

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A Few People counter benefits

create detailed analytics

Learn your store's traffic patterns, overall closing ratio, and much more.

Increase Sales

Discover tools that will create salesperson accountability, and transform the way your employees engage customers.

Happier customers

Improve customer satisfaction by greetings customer in a timely manner, being staffed to meet demand, and by following up with unsold customers.

Visual proof people counter

The Visual Proof People will transform the way you track your customers. This solution will provide you with a high-definition photo of every opportunity entering the store. 


  1.  Non-customer counts can be easily removed
  2. Customer photos are assigned to the salespeople
  3. Near 100% accuracy, with the ability to verify. Giving you the confidence you need in the data

Optimize your staffing

Using the near 100% accurate people count. The solution will compare your current customer demand to the salespeople’s ability to handle it. If you’re understaffed you will be able to quickly identify those time zones, and solve it before you lose too many opportunities. 


It is just as important to identify trends of being over staffed. Reducing the number employees during slow time will help you potentially save thousands each year.

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