100% Accuracy with Visual Proof

(How many are not customers???)
Simply Click Delete and push Delete Selected Photos when completed
These deleted photos are saved so you may double check to make sure the removals are accurate.
(it’s easy to scroll through 2-3 per frame)

Nothing confirms the accuracy of any data like visual proof.

If you don’t believe your computer, you can believe your own eyes!

Traffic count information can be surprising and even shocking. Managers sometimes look at newly-available traffic data and simply refuse to believe the data on their screen. Now, seeing is believing!

It is common for employees to challenge the accuracy of the TRAX system. Claims are often made that the system is inaccurate because of groups, families, and deliveries.

Children have been known to run in and out of stores while parents shop. Unusual numbers are sometimes the result of unusual events.

With Visual Proof, numbers can be accurately associated with identifiable people. Traffic data and resultant statistics can be adjusted and fine-tuned.

You don’t review every picture of every customer, just the exceptional timeframes. You can now see the difference between a child playing and a missed opportunity.

Every group of employees includes a few who are not making the effort. Identifying the weak performers, and proving their performance (or lack thereof) is a constant battle for management. Every issue is challenged and argued on every imaginable ground. Litigation is often threatened. But removing poor performers is vital to both your business and the morale of your good employees!

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