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 At TraxSales, we specialize in providing comprehensive foot traffic data that goes beyond mere numbers. We take it a step further by compiling this information into detailed real-time reports on marketing, staffing, and sales, making it one of the most powerful tools your team can access.

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Retail Up-System

Our cutting-edge software will revolutionize how you monitor your incoming customer traffic. Using advanced technology, we capture time-stamped photos of every customer, providing you with real-time data that goes beyond numbers. This powerful information is then compiled into detailed marketing, staffing, and sales reports, giving your team the tools they need to enhance overall performance.


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Introducing the Retail Up-System, the ultimate solution to transform your salesfloor’s performance. This innovative program seamlessly manages your team’s sales rotation and empowers them to capture vital information from your unsold customers. With the Retail Up-System, you’ll gain valuable insights into what motivated your customers to visit, their specific interests, and their progress in the selling process.


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