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Why Choose TraxSales for Your Customer Counting Solutions

When it comes to selecting a reliable and accurate customer counting solution, TraxSales stands out as the premier choice. Since 1996, we have been empowering retailers with top-notch people counter technology, trusted by both family-owned businesses and Fortune 500 corporations.

Unparalleled Accuracy with Our Camera-Based Platform

Accountability and Performance Enhancement

Trusted by Leading Retailers

The Essential Tool for Retail Success

At TraxSales, we understand the importance of accurate data in today’s competitive retail environment. Our unique camera-based door counter system captures a time-stamped photo of every customer entering your store. This method ensures verifiable accuracy that other customer counting solutions simply can’t match. With precise data, you can make informed decisions to boost your sales and operational efficiency.

Our customer counting system goes beyond mere numbers. Each customer photo can be assigned to the salesperson who assists them, creating a robust accountability framework. This feature not only tracks customer interactions but also motivates your team to perform at their best, ensuring every opportunity is maximized.

TraxSales is a trusted name in the retail industry, serving a diverse clientele from small family-owned businesses to major Fortune 500 companies. Our people counters and door counters have proven to be invaluable tools for retailers aiming to understand foot traffic patterns, optimize staffing, and improve sales performance.0

In today’s retail landscape, having reliable customer counting data is crucial. Easy sales are a thing of the past; now, success hinges on making the most of every customer interaction. With TraxSales, you can be confident that your data is accurate and actionable, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

Real Sales Accountability

Our goal is to make our People Counter a tool that transforms the way you manage your sales performance.

We make it possible to track exactly how many opportunities each salesperson takes and at what time, guaranteeing that every opportunity is accounted for and each customer receives the experience they deserve.

What comes from this?

  • An increase in sales from just the accountability alone
  • Detailed closing ratio data for each salesperson
  • The ability to track unsold customer data
  • Conversion performance by product category for the overall store and by salesperson
  • Detailed performance comparison reporting to easily identify underperforming and overperforming sales staff

This is what sets us apart from the rest in this industry. We are a true tool, not a decorative piece for your ceiling. If you operate in a retail environment where the customer’s experience matters and you need to bring sales performance to a new level, then we’re the option you need to go with.

On average, retailers who have implemented our customer counting system experience a 15-25% increase in sales. What would an increase like that mean for your company?

Customer Counting & Marketing Performance

Using a people counting system to track traffic patterns and weekly traffic can revolutionize your marketing efforts. By providing precise data on customer behavior and peak times, your marketing team can optimize campaigns, schedule promotions for maximum impact, and measure their effectiveness with accuracy. This data-driven approach ensures targeted, personalized marketing that resonates with customers, leading to increased traffic, improved resource allocation, and a higher return on investment. Transform your marketing strategy with actionable insights from a people counting system and watch your sales soar.

See how TraxSales helped a La-Z-Boy achieve remarkable results

“I did an extra million dollars in each of my 5 stores in Texas because of the TraxSales Up-System and Visual Proof People Counters


Integrated Smart Door Chime

The Traxsales People Counter is Integrated with a Smart Door Chime. The system will only sound when a customer is captured entering your store. 

Say goodbye to those noisy and honestly annoying door chimes of the past!

Traffic + Sales Data = Success

At TraxSales we provide our clients with access to a RESTful API. Allowing for easy integrations with your current BI platform. 

We also have a team of incredible programmers that can form an integration with just about any POS, CRM, or ERP platform on the market. 

When your people counting data meets sales data. You’ll be greeted with some of retails most impactful metrics that will transform the way you manage your company.

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