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People Counting

Retail People Counting

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People Counter
people counting Software

Guaranteed 15-25% Increase in Sales Performance

Join the thousands of successful retailers tracking customer traffic with TraxSales!

people counting Software

Guaranteed 15-25% Increase in Sales Performance Within 90-Days or Your Money Back!


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People Counting

Discover how our People Counting software can help you make data-driven decisions for your retail business. Start accurately counting and monitoring your customer foot traffic today


Revolutionize your retail sales rotation and never miss a potential sale again with our cutting-edge system. Seamlessly manage your sales and capture valuable unsold customer information to fuel your business growth

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Empowering retailers with customer counting solutions since 1996

Live Traffic Analytics

Gain a competitive edge with our live foot traffic analytics that enables you to make data-driven decisions from the palm of your hand. Keep a close eye on your customer traffic and stay ahead of the curve with timely and informed decisions, even when you're on the go. Take your retail business to the next level with this cutting-edge feature

Visual Proof

Boost your sales accountability and drive performance with our time-stamped photo feature that captures every opportunity in your store. Get a comprehensive overview of every sales opportunity and make informed decisions to improve your sales process. With unparalleled visibility, you can take your retail business to new heights

Staffing Performance Analysis

Optimize your staffing resources and maximize your sales potential with our detailed hourly staffing performance analysis. Get a granular view of your staffing patterns and receive text alerts for understaffed periods, so you can take proactive measures to boost your sales. With this powerful feature, you can ensure that your staff is always in the right place, at the right time, to deliver exceptional customer service and drive revenue growth

Conversion Performance

Gain valuable insights into your store's performance with our store and salesperson closing ratio feature. Easily track your sales performance by product category, and monitor the effectiveness of your sales team in closing deals. With this powerful feature, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your sales strategy to drive revenue growth. Take your retail business to the next level with our comprehensive sales analysis tools

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