Customer Counting Software Built for Retail

Customer Foot Traffic Reporting

Closing Ratio Data by Salesperson

Daily Unsold Customer Count

Unmatched Sales Accountability

15-25% Average Sales Increase

Our clients an average find a path to increase their sales performance by at least 15-25% within the first 90-days.

Below Average Brought to Average

The only way to improve your bottom line is to track it, measure it and put strategies in place to improve it. The Trax system is the right tool to help you accomplish all 3 of these things. It is a no brainer. Just do it!

“I did an extra million dollars in each of my 5 stores in Texas because of the CRM and Visual Proof People Counters”


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Yes, we can work with any number of entrances and synchronize the data onto one dashboard. 

Absolutely! After becoming a client you’ll be assigned a personal consultant and technician. They will both assist you and your team in making this a money making machine!

Of course! We use a read only program that allows us to pull only the data we need. We can even set up an API, so you can use the traffic data within your own program! (manually importing is also an option)

If you have an entrance that needs tracked, then we are the company you’ve been looking for! No matter your industry!

The plug-and-play set up is so easy that my team can remotely walk you through the process. Saving you the time and money dealing with a 3rd party company!


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