The Directional Smart Door Chime

Directional Smart Chime

This new directional smart door chime only sounds when customers walk in, not when they leave.

Most salespeople have convenient hearing and tend to ignore a door bell or security buzzer that rings constantly. It also comes with 100 feet of speaker wire so it can be installed in the back area allowing only the sales staff hear it, not the customer.

Improve your customer service with a reliable reminder of new customers. As an added bonus, the door chime holds the traffic counter accountable for perfection. If you see someone come in on the Trax traffic counter and you did not hear a chime, then something is wrong with the counter.

Directional Smart Chime includes:

  • Plug & play access- instantly connects & begins to work
  • 100 feet of speaker cable to control the location of the chime
  • $199 for this additional software and device


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