The Smart Door Chime

Directional Detection

The system will only sound when a customer enters the store or when the Trax system counts an opportunity.

Group Counting

The system will only sound 1 time for a family of 5. No longer will you have to listen to your door chime sound for EVERY person within the group.

Volume & Sound Control

Easily adjust the volume and the "ping" noise to what fits your store the best.

People Counter Integration

Sounds only when we count a customer. Holding our system accountable for every opportunity.

Optional Placement

Easily placed in the front of the store or in the back.

Why Use a Door Chime?

In the fast-paced world of retail, creating a memorable shopping experience is paramount, and every detail counts. One often overlooked yet immensely influential tool in achieving this is the humble door chime. A door chime isn’t just a jingle that announces a customer’s arrival; it’s a gateway to enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting sales. The soft, melodious chime not only signals a warm welcome but also instantly sets the tone for a pleasant shopping journey. It draws customers into your store, making them feel valued and invited. Moreover, a door chime serves as a subtle reminder that your store is open for business, even from a distance, attracting potential foot traffic. Beyond aesthetics, it provides a practical function by alerting staff to the arrival of customers, ensuring timely assistance and impeccable service. In an era of online shopping convenience, a well-chosen door chime becomes the embodiment of the in-person retail experience, making your store memorable and compelling. It’s the little things that make a significant impact, and a door chime is a simple, yet powerful, addition that can transform your retail space into a welcoming haven for shoppers and a profitable hub for your business.

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