The Directional Smart Door Chime

Directional Smart Chime

Introducing our revolutionary Directional Smart Door Chime, designed to enhance your customer service and streamline your sales environment. Unlike traditional door bells or security buzzers that sound constantly, our smart door chime intelligently detects and alerts your sales team only when customers walk in, not when they leave.

We understand that salespeople have a knack for conveniently ignoring constant ringing, which can result in missed opportunities and compromised customer service. With our directional smart door chime, you can ensure that your sales staff receives timely notifications when new customers enter your establishment, guaranteeing that no potential sale goes unnoticed.

What sets our door chime apart is its versatility. The included 100 feet of speaker wire allows you to install the chime discreetly in the back area, ensuring that only your sales team hears the notifications, while keeping your customers undisturbed. It’s a seamless integration that improves the overall shopping experience for your valued customers.

Directional Smart Chime includes:

  • Plug & play access- instantly connects & begins to work
  • 100 feet of speaker cable to control the location of the chime
  • $199 for this additional software and device


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