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Seamless Sales Rotation

Our feature ensures that salespeople are always aware of their place in line, so they can be ready to close deals and never miss a chance to make a sale

Capture Unsold Customer Information

Every opportunity is logged with required data entry in our system, providing valuable insights into your sales process – whether a sale is made or not

Marketing Channel ROI

Understand the ROI of your marketing campaigns with our feature that tracks customer traffic and conversion rates by marketing channel

Detailed Salesperson Conversion Metrics

Our feature provides detailed analytics on each salesperson's performance, including overall conversion ratio, performance by product category, be-backs, and more, helping you identify areas for improvement and optimize your sales strategy

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Client Testimonials

“I did an extra million dollars in each of my 5 stores in Texas because of the TraxSales UpBoard and Visual Proof People Counter."
Bobby Broadnax
"The TraxSales software package will help increase our sales by 15-25% this year"
Steve Gracik


Absolutely! Our system is designed to work perfectly whether you have 2 or even 50 salespeople! No matter the number of salespeople you have. It’s your responsibility to provide them with the tool needed to be successful!

Here’s a few:

  • Their name, email, address, and phone number
  • The marketing effort that brought them in
  • The item or items they were interested in

We are going to blow you mind with what we have in store for you! Here’s a few for now: 

  • Their overall closing ratio and their closing ratio for each product category!
  • The average time they spend with each customer
  • The percentage of time they get a phone number or email address

Any retail store that has large ticket items, multiple sale people, commission based employees, or is having trouble getting unsold customer information

Not only is this the easiest and most impact up system on the market. When you become a client. You’ll be assigned a personal consultant who’s main job is to help you succeed with the solution!

Yes! I’m glad to asked! We guarantee a 15-25% increase in sales within the first 90-days or your money back!

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