Are You Ready to Maximize Profits from the Black Friday & Holiday Crowds?

November 25th or in the retail world what is known as Black Friday is really not that far away. Retail operations all around the USA are getting ready already by adding new employees, stocking up their inventory and deciding on what marketing and promotional campaigns to run for the big day and the rest of the holiday season.

There are so many retailers out there that see this time of year as a time when money is going to be made no matter how they operate their locations. You as owners, managers and operators of these stores look back and compare it to the year before or over the past 5 years and leave it at that. But what if you could have made 10% to 20% more profit? How much money is being left in the pockets of customers that should be in yours?

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This is the time of year for Christmas bonuses, buying gifts and of course splurging on both needed items and impulse buys.

About 6 weeks ago in order to be able to provide the best customer service possible Walmart implemented traffic counters. Better customer service converts into more sales and bigger profits. Love or hate the largest retailer in the USA, you should pay attention to their business operations as they are in the business of making money.

The retail people counters that they are putting into place are being used to optimally staff for the number of customers that they average during certain hours, promote better customer service to better the client experience and of course this leads to lowering employee overhead and increasing sales.

If you would like more information about how retail traffic counters can get your business ready to have the best holiday season in regards to sales and profits, click the link below to get your free eBook called “Using Retail Traffic Counting for a Strategic Advantage”.

Get Your Free eBook “Using Retail Traffic Counting for a Strategic Advantage”

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