Can you please take a moment and tell our readers a little bit about your company?

We are a licencee of Ashley Furniture Homestore.

How did you originally find Trax?

Who recommended you to our company? I originally used Trax while working for the Wilks group who is another licencee of Ashley Homestore.

What was the primary reason that you chose Trax?

To track customer information so that our salespeople can follow up with our customers better. We also decided to go with Trax to keep a more accurate customer count coming in the door daily.

Please tell us what your experience has been with our system:

My experience with Trax has been great. I have used Trax with other companies that I’ve worked for and believe in it so much that I wanted to integrate it here at this location as well.

What were you originally doing in your stores to track customer traffic and to follow up with unsold customers?

Each salesperson was manually keeping track of the customers they had for each individual day and they were expected to follow up with customers on their own. Unfortunately the management team had no way to keep track of everything.

How have your sales people reacted to the use of Trax?

How has the system changed the way you manage your company? We haven’t opened our new location yet where the system will be installed.

If someone called you about Trax what would you tell them?

That it is a must have system to improve your business.

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