Double Your Sales This Year

Would you believe that counting your customers could lead to a doubling in your overall sales performance? Personally, I would require some serious proof to believe something like that and that’s exactly what I’ll give you.

Of course, when it comes to data you need to put a little work in to make it valuable. At TraxSales we take out the manual side of tracking opportunities and the tedious task of compiling the data into valuable information. Instead, you can use your time for what matters, managing the store’s performance. Take a look at the report below. We’ll identify stores that are falling below the average sales performance. This specific one focuses on the location’s Revenue Per Guest or RPG. The dollar value that’s tied to every opportunity, whether they purchase from you or not. For this 20+ store chain, we’ve identified over $780,133.00 dollars left on the table for the month of April.

For less than the cost of a new cell phone, you can get started with our new Visual Proof People Counting software. Giving you access to reports like this and so much more. Such as hourly staffing analysis, detailed marketing ROI reports, and even conversion data on each salesperson.

If you’re not sure if this is the right system for your company you can schedule a time to speak with an expert here. Click Here to Schedule a Consultation

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