“I have seen an increase in everything and 25% is an understatement.” Matt Jirak, Sales Manager at Corner Furniture 



Corner Furniture out of Bronx New York, is an impressive furniture showroom that’s about to celebrate 50 years in business. They recently started using the TraxSales People Counter and Upboard in October of 2021. However, as their partner for only a short 6 months, we’ve been able to accomplish some wonderful results that will blow you away! 

Like many of our clients Corner Furniture reached out to us because they found themselves manual counting their customers, but as we all know this is a tedious and more times than not, inaccurate method. Especially when the store enters overflow. Also, quickly into our first consultation call we found out that their rotation is running on a manual system. Making it very difficult to track ups and monitor individual salesperson performance. This made them the perfect candidate for the Trax UpBoard. The #1 Up-System for the furniture industry. 

Our first goal as their partner was to help them capture and store performance analytics in an organized database. The system seamlessly does this in real-time and gives management access to easily read reports that can be used within daily management. Removing countless hours of manual reporting, allowing them to focus solely on what matters, growing performance. However, it doesn’t stop at the managers. The system provides each salesperson with their own database so that they can monitor their sold and unsold customers. As well as a real-time performance letter that gives them a snapshot of their monthly performance compared to their set goal. Finally, we made the organization EVEN EASIER by integrating the system with their CRM Greenboard

With any new client, it’s expected to have a few salespeople or even managers who are a bit reluctant to change. At TraxSales we have found that success is the best change management tool BY FAR. With our first-in-class consulting and our ability to customize our dashboard to meet your company’s specific needs. Our clients experience a rapid increase in overall sales performance and this is exactly what happened at Corner Furniture. Their salespeople realized just how easy it was to capture unsold customer information, provide a follow-up, and keep track of their performance. Of course, their increase in conversion ratio helped as well, and the team quickly dropped their barriers and made a full adoption of the system.

We offer a wide range of reporting that all is gauged towards increasing the effectiveness of the management team. At Corner Furniture they found a great deal of success with a few of our favorites. First, the Information Gathering Efficiency report or IGE. This report is laid out by the salesperson and allows you to monitor exactly how often they’re capturing a phone number, email, and even a mailing address from unsold customers. Tracking this opens up a new level of management. In their case, they’re aiming to capture over 40% of their unsold customer’s contact information and have honestly exceeded this greatly due to a wonderful leadership team. With this they have been able to create a strong database of potential customers and their be-backs have gone through the roof. 

Second, they’ve found great success with the individualized performance letters. These make it easier than ever to manage each salesperson’s performance by providing a real-time snap shot of their current standings for the month. It gives them access to everything they need to know. Here are just a few:

  1. Their conversion ratio for the first time and be-back customers
  2. Whether their below and above the needed daily average to hit their monthly goal
  3. Exactly how many customers they need to talk to in order to hit their goal. (based on their closing ratio)

With the live customer count, seamless sales rotation, and the in-depth performance reporting Corner Furniture has experienced massive growth. The sales manager Matt Jirak has stated that a 25% increase in everything would be an understatement! Wow!

Their success with the Trax System represents an ROI that is unheard of when it comes to most solutions. We don’t just sit and build up cost. We become a standard part of our client’s operations and make lasting profitable change.

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Corner Furniture Testimonial

Please give us a brief history about your company.

We are a furniture store in the Bronx NY and we have been in operation for 50 Years this year. 

How did you get involved with TraxSales?

We were doing research and looking for a source to help us increase sales. We found Trax using google and while looking up reviews.

What was the reason that you chose us?

We wanted a source to keep clients’ info in and organized.

Tell me what your eperience has been with our system.

We love the Visual Proof and the ability to keep all our analytics organized. I the sales manager for Corner furniture have seen a sales increase and follow-up has never been easier.

What were you originally doing in your stores to track customer traffic and to follow up with unsold customers?

To be honest we would need to count everyone by hand and that was never working

How have your sales people reacted to the use of Trax? How has the system changed the way you manage your company?

At first, the staff was a bit reluctant to change but after seeing how easy it is to use and how it increases the profit everyone has jumped on board. Managing has also gotten a lot easier because we know what we need to pinpoint on

What reports do you specifically use and how do you use them?

I use the information gathering efficiency report and the performance letter the most. 

-IGE Report, this is a detailed layout of how oftern each salesperson is able to capture unsold customer contact information. A great goal is to make sure each salesperson is capturing at least 30% of their unsold customers phone or email address. 

-Performance Letter, this gives each sales person a real-time stap shot of their current performance and what is needed in order to achieve their monthly goal. A perfect report for coaching the sales team. 

We have a gaurantee of a 15-25% increase in sales or at least of productivity. Have you notice any increases?

I have seen an increase in everything and 25% is an understatement.

If someone called you about Trax. What would you tell them?

Do it! Do not even think about it, it helps so much.

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