We believe we can help you increase sales by 15-25% in the first 90 days or we give you a full refund. As a matter of fact if you’re not completely delighted with the more than 25 conversion ratio or staffing comparison reports we provide you, or you’re not happy with anything that we do for any reason at all we will cheerfully refund your money!

Studied marketing and management at Youngstown State University, has a degree in Diamond Appraisal from The Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica CA. Loves to read and has enjoyed almost every sales and marketing book written. Two top favorites are anything written by John F. Lawhon and W. Edwards Deming. In 1984 opened an 8 store furniture chain with approximately 65 sales associates. Mink even manufactured leather furniture for a period. Christmas 1996 in an effort to figure out how to help sales associates follow up with sold and unsold customers and also track how many customers did not buy created TraxSales. Now provides thousands of retailers with the most accurate customer traffic counting solutions and easiest to use UpBoard CRM program customized for retailers in the world.

Dave Says… “There is nothing more rewarding than having a client say… you helped me smash my best sales record!” Love’s family activities that involve sports. 1979 bowled a 300 game and in 2006 had first hole-in-one and recently had a second. Love’s to play golf with his children (all adults) and my clients. If you’re ever in Houston give Dave a call and let him take you golfing. There’s no better way to really get to know someone than to be trapped with them for four hours on a golf cart. It’s truly the greatest game in the world to enhance any business relationship!

Let us show you why our famous guarantee will make you feel good. If we can’t help you increase sales by 15-25% in the first 90 days we will give you your money back with a smile. At Trax, we really to help you make all of your opportunities count!

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