Efficient Staffing With Retail Traffic Counting Systems

Staff and labor is one of the biggest overhead costs in a business owner’s operating expenses. In the past few years, businesses have worked to establish processes to become more efficient which have resulted in remarkable bottom-line results.

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Due to the growing number of retail competitors and increasing demand for better customer service, business owners and retailers have had to find new avenues and develop new strategies to increase efficiency while improving customer service level. Since revenue and efficiency rides on labor scheduling and budget, business owners should focus on those said areas.

To make an intelligent decision business owners and retailers must not just rely on their gut feeling; rather they must have reliable data to keep their business afloat and prospering in the competitive retail sector. A retail traffic counting system is helpful in this aspect. It can help business owners maximize and efficiently allocate their workforce by providing data on the number of people that cross the store’s threshold for a specific date and time. It also allows them to track store traffic trends over time. By having the right amount of staff and support on the floor during peak hours, customers will get a high level of customer service and the assistance they need, thus increasing the chance of converting shoppers into customers. All of these things will result in higher sales conversion and better customer experience.

Aside from being able to accommodate your store shoppers, having adequate number of staff during peak hours will give your employees a chance to showcase their sales skills and in-store product expertise. It is necessary to have employees on the floor to assist with customer inquiries and give them the proper customer experience they require. Ensuring you have the right number of employees ready to assist your clients will result in up-sells and cross-sells, increasing your profits.

As you can see, optimizing retail staffing not only gives you a chance to properly address any issues your store may have regarding shoppers to staff ratio and correct any misalignment between staffing level and customer traffic volume, you also get to improve the customer service level since you can tailor it to match service to your business model. On top of that, your store will be able to increase conversion rate and lower the labor cost because you do not have to pay excess staff during slow hours and you will be optimally staffed during peak hours. Eventually, your business approach to staffing will create sustained in-store improvements in productivity and customer service satisfaction while keeping labor cost in check.

Making use of a retail traffic counting system gives you comprehensive and reliable information to analyze and implement business tactics to optimize your store functionality beyond just the traffic coming through your doors.

You will be properly equipped to face challenges head on with confidence that you are making the right decision and ensure that your doors stay open even during the low periods for sales and traffic, helping you stay ahead of your competitors.

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