How Can Retailers Budget for a Successful 2017?

We are currently winding down the peak sales season before Christmas and it is not too early to start planning for 2017 and what needs to be implemented in the business and marketing budget. The key is to invest in tools that help lower overhead costs and boost revenue and sales across the entire organization.

Retailers around the world are normally extremely happy with all the gifts that Santa and parents had purchased and put round the Christmas trees. But now the crowds are dying down and it is time to make sure that 2017 is a banner year for your company.

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Walmart, Best Buy, Adidas, Ashley Homestore, Wireless Zone, Boost Mobile, Zales, Thomasville, Car Toys and 1000s of other retailers that have just one location or 1000s of locations around the world have implemented technology to keep their sales conversions optimized, their sales floors streamlined and their customer service at the best level possible to keep clients and referrals coming back.

The two technologies that have been put in place in the most successful retail businesses are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Retail Traffic Counter Solutions.

CRM software will allow you to touch base with both your sold and unsold customers in order to both upsell and bring them back into your location to spend more money.  In most cases for retailers an additional one or two sales a month will pay for this software.  So let’s talk ROI. Would you spend $75 a month for a CRM with unlimited users for your store if it made 2 new sales a month? What about if it made 10 new sales? Find out more about a CRM that costs only $75 a month and is designed specifically for the retail industry here.

The other technology that is now becoming mainstream is retail traffic counters or people counters.  Gone are the days of the infrared counters. Gone are the days of smartphone tracking (unless you want to drive away clients). Now the most modern technology is video and camera technology where you can see and even delete non-customers making them the most accurate counters on the market today. These devices can help you optimize your store, staffing and increase sales while seeing which stores are under and over performing.

The Trax retail traffic counter system not only delivers automatic cloud based reporting it can connect and import data directly from your point of sale (POS) system allowing you to compare traffic, sales, conversions and overall store performance.  What used to have to be done through long hours of report building can now be done with the touch of a button anywhere with an internet connection.  Check out the retail traffic counter here.

2017 can be your best sales year on record if you implement the right tools to guarantee business success and growth.  Give us 10 minutes and run through an online demo to show you how.

Click For a Free Demo of the CRM/Traffic Counter System

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