How Can Retailers Make More Money This Christmas?

Well the calendar page has turned and we are now in November. That means it is time for retailers to gear up for both Black Friday and the Christmas sales season.  For most retail stores around the USA and the world this means the time of year when the profits are the greatest.  

Your Free eBook Using Retail Traffic Counting for a Strategic Advantage

The goal of all retailers is to maximize the sales conversions in reference to the number of opportunities that walk through their doors. With the amount of competition for retail stores in the form of competitors and online portals, the last thing that you want is for a potential customer to walk out without making a purchase. But how do you know if your stores are under or over performing; including data on conversion rates, average and total sales, and if your marketing is working?

If someone came to you and said that they would provide you actionable data on your retail business including the ability to optimize staffing and store schedules, increase sales conversions, better your customer service and tell you what advertising and promotions are working, what would that be worth to you?

A device has that capability and it is called a traffic counter. The technology has come a long way since the days of having to hire someone with a clicker that stands at the front door and counts each person that comes in and then having to take that information and compare it to sales.  It has even surpassed the infrared technology that did not allow you to see the actual opportunities coming through your doors and having to divide that number it provided by two as it counted people entering and leaving.

Today’s retail traffic counter is automated and sales data can either be imported easily from downloaded files or it can even connect directly to your POS system.  Allowing you to review auto-generated reports that will help you optimize your retail locations. To find out why more and more people are placing these devices in their stores get a copy of your free eBook “Using Retail Traffic Counting for a Strategic Advantage” below.

Your Free eBook Using Retail Traffic Counting for a Strategic Advantage

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