How We Are Different

What Sets TraxSales Apart from Competitors?

No matter what traffic counter you are considering for purchase- congratulations!  The only difference between you & the most successful retailers today is that they are not blocking their access to information. And you are! Any traffic counter will get you started on a path toward more information, which will lead to more sales.

How does TraxSales differ from other traffic counters?

  1. Technology. Infrared technology is very popular with other traffic and people counting companies in the market today. With the infrared system, the device will count all people going both in and out of your store. If you have a salesperson, delivery driver, or another employee that comes into your business they are automatically counted as an opportunity in the system. If a family of 5 comes- each and every person in that group will be counted instead of 1 customer opportunity.The second most used technology is smartphone tracking. A recent consumer survey indicated that a majority of people do not want to be tracked via their smart phone devices.  Additionally, only 68% of the population actually has a smart phone. You will drive away clients or miss opportunities.

    The Visual Proof 2 Traffic Counting System provides accuracy by ONLY counting clients that are coming into the store, giving you photos of the people entering so you can remove any person that is not a client, and counts groups as only 1. 

  1. Client Access. As you know, knowledge is power. One of the main motivators to purchasing a traffic counter is having more information about your store, staff, & customers at your fingertips. However, many traffic counter systems limit your ability to access your own data! You might have restricted or NO access to your actual video software, effecting your right to check for accuracy & remove noncustomers.With our Visual Proof 2 Traffic Counting System, you have full access to ALL of photos & video feeds, & giving you the power to guarantee accuracy & remove whoever you choose from the system.


  2. Warranty & cost. With other traffic counters, your warranty may run from 1-5 years. With TraxSales, our traffic counters are covered under a lifetime warranty. Other traffic counters will begin charging you a recurring monthly fee upon installation. With Trax, you have 1 year to test out our product before your monthly fee schedule begins. Additionally, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee.
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