It takes us 3-4 days to build systems then 1 day to test and one day to ship.

We sent you 150 feet. How far is the wire run? As a matter of fact I always recommend that you connect to the closest internet connection on your sales floor and do not try to run all the way back to your computer room if possible. If you go over 300 feet the POE will not work. The closer the better. Do you have internet access on your sales floor?

Also let my techs know who is going to do your installations.

The key to success on any installation is if you are looking at any typical entrance and follow the door frame on the same wall (either left or right) we suggest that you go 10 feet over and ten feet up. (we prefer a 90 degree profile for viewing traffic). Anything within three feet of this suggestion is ideal. If you send me photos from back about 30-50 feet so we can see the top half of the entryway and most importantly the ceiling from 20 feet on either side of the entry is what we need. Please send this email to

We will then send you a reply photo with our suggestions on exactly where we believe the ideal place is to install the camera/counter. Please note that we do not want our system to take a face on picture because of outside bright lighting. Our systems have AGC “Auto Gain Control” and your pictures will be a little dark if you are pointing outside and competing with direct sunlight. We suggest a 90 degree profile so you can easily see who is entering and also have the highest quality pictures possible every time.

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