Capture Unsold Customer Information!

The Trax solution is designed to help you not only count the customers that enter your company but more importantly, it’s going to dramatically help with capturing unsold customer information.

What exactly is unsold customer information?

It’s the data that makes it a 1000% easier for your salespeople to follow up with customers who didn’t end up buying that day!

  • Cell phone #
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Product category they were interested in





With this data you can do the following…

  • Easily follow-up with unsold customers
  • Send personalized deals

$200,000 From 1 Sale???

Just recently a furniture client with 5-stores took their unsold customer list and invited them all to a private event. This was held on just an ordinary Friday afternoon and the results were CRAZY! They brought in an additional $200,000 in a SINGLE DAY! That’s not a typo!

What would a sale like that mean for your company? Learn exactly how they accomplished this by requesting a 10-minute demo with one of our professionals.

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