Making the most of your time on the sales floor.

#1. How to use the UpBoard during overflow.

We have added a wonderful new feature where you can enter a customers name from the front of the upboard. When you are super busy you can answer the four basic questions and put in the customers name into your personal database without opening the Customer Details screen. This permits you to get back in rotation much faster.

Just remember that if you have a customer standing behind you with an open checkbook you are crazy to be doing anything with the upboard. It is always best to put notes in your CPC (Customer Profile Card) and take care of business. If you don’t have a CPC please call and we will send you your customized version. Please see tip #5 below for more details.

#2. How a salesperson accesses and uses their private database Salesperson DB

This module is designed to give you the salesperson complete control of all your customer activity and ability to view the critical reports that will help you dramatically succeed on the sales floor.

To log in go to then enter your secret password that your store manager or Trax Administrator has set up. Once you have selected the correct showroom and entered your password you may access this web site from your IPAD or from home and may send emails and follow-up with opportunities at your leisure. We encourage you to please go thru every report in the dropdown so you may understand the benefits you have at your fingertips and how easy it has now become to develop relationships with all of your customers and turn them into long term customers for life.

From Customer Details you will have complete control of your customer records. You may:
• Send emails to Sold or Unsold Customers
• View or Change follow-up dates
• View or Create your Daily To Do’s
• Add additional new customer information
• Create NIN’s Next Item Needed’s and comments (most important)
• View your goals for the month and Performance Letter

#3. Filling out the Customer Details form and using emails

From the center left of the UpBoard Select then fill in the blanks.

#4. How and Why to use the Next Item Needed. NIN the biggest money maker on your sales floor and how to maximize your performance (in the same amount of time). If you commit to not trying to jump right back on the Up Board and ask this simple question of every customer you sell, this could dramatically improve your sales.

Next Item Needed is the single easiest and fastest way to increase sales that I have ever experienced. I got this tip long ago from John Lawhon when I owned an eight store chain in the 80’s and then incorporated it into Trax. It quite simply is creating the discipline to ask every customer you sell what the next item is that they are going to be interested in for their home. To be clear, after all the paperwork is done and they are leaving your store. (They are relaxed and very happy.) STOP and ask this question…. Folks it’s been a great pleasure working with you and I know you are going to love your ______ but I also saw you looking around at other things. So I can keep an eye out for you, would you mind telling me what the next item you will need in the future for your home? If you ask this right, they will tell you every time. I will then ask… Do you mind taking just a couple more moments to show me exactly what you liked so I can better keep an eye out for what is perfect for your home? Many times you can go back and they will write up the second item. The key is that if they tell you yes I will need the _____ in 3 months for a special occasion; guess what: YOU now have permission to call them back. Better yet… they will be disappointed if you don’t call them back. It is a way for you to develop a permanent long term relationship with every customer you begin a relationship with. Think about it…. Customers for Life…

The top salespeople in the world are too busy to take ups. They are too busy because they have BE BACKS or REPEAT customers coming in all day long. How do you think they do it?

No magic here… Just ask this simple question and they will come back in “IN DROVES”

#5. How to use the Customer Room Profile Form and why you should use it every time possible.

We should have sent you a 2 sided document created by Joe Capillo called Customer Room Design Profile and you should print this and make sure each salesperson has a personal clipboard with 20+ blank forms.

These should be used for every “UP” even if you do not get to first base. The logic here is that even if you don’t get much information you still learn what they looked at and possibly what brought them in.

It is a form for each potential customer that each salesperson needs to use to develop a long term relationship with a new prospective customer.

It has a place for a sketch, personal info and most importantly the exact Upboard Categories, so a salesperson can just check it off (especially during overflow) then they can enter this into the UpBoard (at their leisure) and you have a record of each up with details that are guaranteed to help you improve your performance. Do not pass up this opportunity to learn why every potential customer came in and how to satisfy them. Even if you do not use Trax, this is (in my opinion) the single most important thing that you can do to improve sales performance in your company.

6. Returns or Credits

Any salesperson can do a credit from the UpBoard. Go to on the bottom left then the salesperson needs to enter their personal password.

Select sold customers then they will see all of their sold activity sorted alphabetically. There is a return link on the right hand side of the page. Just select the proper one and enter the credit amount.

Trax will also keep track of this history for you so that if you have a salesperson that might be overselling and creating more credits than normal this will give you some valuable history and teaching tools.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at or call my office at 713.466.7177 or my private cell at 713.854.7706 any time. I encourage your questions and or comments.

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