New TraxSales Texting Service and the Benefits to Your Sales Team During This Terrible Virus Crisis. Special Pricing

Dear Trax UpBoard Dealer,

I have a unique and powerful addition that we can turn on instantly and I will show your team how to dramatically increase your chances of getting unsold customers back into your store and close more business very quickly.

I will personally insure that your team is completely trained on this new easy to use texting module.  It’s very cheap and if it does not pay for itself 3X in the first 30 days I will give you a full refund.

  • Let’s face it there are some weird customers out there and you do not want your salespeople giving their personal cell phone numbers out to just any stranger.  The liability is huge and un-necessary!
  • The (who’s up next texting service) is going to cost $4.95 per salesperson starting next month and this is included free of charge with this service.
  • Each salesperson has their own personal database of all texting activity which you have complete control of.  If a salesperson leaves, this goldmine of customer data can be instantly transferred to a new salesperson.  So no one ever falls through the cracks.
  • I will show you how to insure that you have the most successful private monthly sales that you have ever heard of.
  • I will show you how to insure that each salesperson is passionate about getting this powerful unsold customer information into your database a very high percentage of the time through an in store promotion and sales contest that you only invest in if your team exceeds minimum expectations.
  • The cost is $9 per month (we buy each sales associate their own personal Cell phone #) and includes unlimited texting and unlimited pictures back and forth with each client.  Including permanent database of all activity.
  1. I will help you set up photographs of your products to give your sales teams easy access to these photos for fast texting.
  2. I will help you set up a sales contest that I guarantee will help you immediately create higher closing ratios within the first week.
  3. I will help you set up a wishing well that will give your unsold customers the incentive to give you’re their personal information even if not buying today.
  4. I will show you how to hold private one day monthly sales events that sometimes are bigger than an entire average weekend.

Please view this quick video and then give me a call.  My cell is 713.854.7706

Customer Texting Unlimited Qty 


Dave Mink CEO/Founder

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