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#1. Please tell us about your company
#2. What interested you in TRAX?
#3. How many salespeople do you have?
#4. Have you ever measured your traffic flow and closing ratios?
#5. Do your Salespeople try to gather customer information if they did not make a sale?
#6. Do you use an up system? How many customers does a salesperson speak with each on average day?
#7. What is your approximate average sale amount?

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Have you ever heard?
But Boss,
The customer traffic died right after you left.

Named after the Greek God with 100 eyes who always had one eye open even when sleeping

When a customer comes in they are counted but Traffic TRAX has a four second delay, so that if there is a husband and wife and three kids they are still only counted as one opportunity. You may also count every person who walks through if you like. Just ask us to remove the delay before we ship.
When people are leaving they trip the inside beam first and it tells our microprocessor to make them invisible and they are not counted.
Finally we also know that there is some level of non-customer activity throughout the day. The mailman comes in at noon; the UPS guy comes in at two. Salespeople are leaving and coming back from lunch and if there are cigarette smokers you dont want to count them. So our software automatically subtracts for this non-customer activity. For example we estimate that a five-salesperson showroom will have approximately 26 non-customer counts throughout the day. You can also adjust this any time.

With Argus we have combined the camera and front door
counter into one unit that is the size of a small cell phone. Also it a has its
own operating system that is the size of a small dvd player. Argus only
requires one POE (power over ethernet) cable for operation. Installation is
only 1 hour compared to 4+ hrs.

We are very excited about this new technology because of its 100% accuracy capabilities and affordability. Remember we guarantee a 25% increase in sales with our tracking systems and a 90 day money back guarantee. I look forward to working with you. Here is some tech data on Argus.
Technical data on Argus
Argus is a complete stand alone system. It uses a 8 mp/ hd 1080p camera to take traffic counts and thumbnail pictures simultaneously. Argus is patent pending. Requirements for Argus in U.S. are a 110v power source and a standard ethernet connection.
Very easy to install. Camera is actually the traffic counter so no installation at the front door frame. Average Installation 90 minutes. Not 5 hours

POE (Power Over Ethernet), this means there is no additional wiring required for installation. One simple CAT5 line to our control box that connects to the camera is all that is needed.
Extreme 100% accuracy for the first time in retail history. When a customer visits, we capture a thumbnail picture that is saved on your Trax website. You may then remove the non-customer pictures (takes approx one minute per hundred) or you can simply verify the mailman factor % and have auto removed with no human intervention.
Trax automatically sends your hourly traffic counts by FTP to your POS server or you may auto populate the many powerful unique reports we provide. We can prove our reports will give the average retailer a 30% gross sales increase every month.
Extreme accuracy.
-Your OTS counts a family of five as one opportunity.
-does not count as people leave.
-Auto removes a % of non customer counts you set up so there is no human intervention, or you may have an assistant mgr. remove thumbnail pictures and enjoy 100% accuracy.
When a picture is removed it is never permanently deleted but is placed in a higher security database so that middle or upper management can insure true customers are not being accidentally removed from your counts and can be immediately restored.
Also when non-customer counts are removed, OTS automatically adjusts your counts for the proper hour insuring accuracy throughout each day.
Your Argus OTS is extremely accurate and measures differences in ambient lighting at the entry every 100 milliseconds insuring that shadows and sunlight changes are not creating bad counts. Visual Proof allows you to know immediately if your Argus is 100% accurate and permits you to adjust for it.
Reporting Highlights…#1
When you compare your staffing coverage to customer traffic with the Hot Zone report you see when stores are over staffed or understaffed, and which hours need extra coverage. A 14 store chain recorded an immediate 15% increase in sales just by rearranging their employee schedules.
You should not settle for an inaccurate traffic counter.. the average home furnishings retailer has an average advertising cost per sale of $74 And cost per opportunity is $19. What is your exact return on this investment? If you don’t know your RPG with accuracy you’re losing huge money every month and we can prove it.
Reporting Highlights…#2
RPG Revenue Per Guest is the dollar value of each opportunity that walks through your door weather they purchase or not. This is by far the most important metrics number in retail. There are only two ways to improve this number once you learn yours…Increase your average sale or increase your closing ratio.
Special Note: All key reports are auto emailed to all key managers as often as you like. Choose daily, weekly or monthly.
Your Traxsales OTS Opportunity Tracking System has one of the most sophisticated easy to use sales goals programs available today. Most retailers track sales goals by month, the problem with this is that most sales people and store managers don’t look at their goals until about the third week and by then it’s too late. TRAX auto prints a report at each store every week providing comparisons and analysis company- wide that makes a difference.
BABTA stands for below average brought to the average. Your Argus OTS measures this with closing ratios revenue per guest and average sale and quite simply tells you how much more you would earn if you below average stores simply hit the company average in these three areas. Often this analysis creates 20% jumps in sales in multiple store chains all by itself.
Argus provides long term historical comparisons. If you want to see if you are getting better or getting worse regarding traffic flow by week month quarter or year, it’s at your fingertips.
Argus is extremely secure and provides four levels of security The system also includes secure separation by franchisee but corporate overview if provided by you or written permission provided by franchisee.
TRAXsales also is the only dealer in the industry with a 90 day total satisfaction money back guarantee. If you are not totally delighted for any reason we will give you a full refund with a smile.
The CAT5 cable is the only cable you need for installation. It connects to a POE control box that requires power and a standard Ethernet connection.

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