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[nz_pricing_table][nz_column color=”#ef5417″ title=”Traffic Counter” price=”Visual Proof 2″ tariff=”Accurate & Reliable” link=”https://traxsales.com/contact-traxsales/” button_text=”Get a Quote”]Visual Proof 2 System

Camera Based Technology

Technical Support/Training
Cloud Based Reporting
Photo Hosting
Life Time Warranty
Manual POS Import
24/7 Internet Access

Wireless Capability

Password Protected Portal

Much More

[/nz_column][nz_column high=”true” color=”#ef5417″ title=”Combo Package” price=”Traffic Counter & CRM” tariff=”Complete Retail Solution” link=”https://traxsales.com/contact-traxsales/” button_text=”Get a Quote”]All Aspects of Upboard CRM
All Aspects of Visual Proof 2
Traffic Counts Tied Into CRM
Compare Traffic & Sales
Cloud Based Hosting
Unlimited Users
Live Technical Support
Discounted Package
[/nz_column][nz_column color=”#ef5417″ title=”Retail CRM” price=”Upboard CRM” tariff=”A CRM Designed for Retailers” link=”https://traxsales.com/contact-traxsales/” button_text=”Get a Quote”]Capture of Customer Information
Daily To Do List
Closing Ratios
Employee Activity
Unsold Customer Activity

Automatic Thank You Letters
Sales Volume Analysis
Monthly Goals

Unlimited Users

Increases Sales & Profits

Harmony On Your Sales Floor

Much More[/nz_column][/nz_pricing_table]

The pricing for the Visual Proof 2 Retail Traffic Counter & Upboard Retail CRM varies upon the number of locations you plan to implement the systems. We know that fitting this into your budget is of the utmost importance so we offer both one time and monthly payments for the traffic counter and Upboard Retail CRM, to ensure that any business anywhere can afford these systems.  Once implemented in your store(s) you will immediately see the benefits with growth in both your sales and profits as well as a decrease in overhead.  

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