Retail CRM That Can Import Data From Your POS & Traffic Counter

Most retailers out there are using some sort of customer relationship management system to help run their stores. If you have not started using technology to track data for both your employee and client activity then you are losing money and letting sales fall through the cracks.

With all the clients that will be coming into your stores over the holidays and not buying, don’t you want to have a way to bring them back?

Retail CRM Information

Although there are 100s of CRM’s out there most have to be adapted to your specific business and are not specifically built for retail operations. Also 99% of the CRM’s do not have the ability to import data directly from your point of sale (POS) system either automatically or manually.  

I am sure many owners and operators will say but my POS system gives me all the customer data that I need…..Does it?

Can you send automatic emails to clients informing them about promotions? Can make sure that your sales floor is in harmony and you are not hearing the common “who’s up next?” Are you able to bring back unsold customers to your store through email campaigns?  Can you tell why a customer decided not to purchase? Most likely the answer to those questions is NO.

When you look at the other CRMs on the market you need to pay between $15 to $100 per user, which adds up quickly if you have 8 to 20 people working different shifts.  Why would you pay $150 to $400 a month for something not specifically designed for your business.

Now there is a solution. Trax has put together a CRM for the retail industry and it streamlines sales force management and enhances salesperson responsiveness while at the same time increasing sales and profits. To sweeten the pot it can actually link directly to a retail traffic counter so you can have all information about traffic flow, sales conversions, employee activity and customer data in one place.

Find out more by clicking the link below to get more information about the best retail CRM on the market today…… until the new year it is only $100 per store for unlimited users.  Check Pricing Here.

Retail CRM Information

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