Submarine Force Museum Testimonial

Can you please take a moment and tell our readers a little bit about your company?

I work at the Submarine Force Museum. We have the world’s first nuclear powered submarine open for public tours, as well as a theater and many exhibits covering U.S. submarine history, and an archive available by appointment.

Can you please take a moment and tell our readers a little bit about your company?  How did you originally find Trax? Who recommended you to our company?

I had been looking for an accurate replacement for our first-generation people counting system. Trax was the most cost-effective option, but also turned out to have the best technical support with the most advanced tracking method and ease of installation. This was a no-brainer. 

What was the primary reason that you chose Trax?

Best value, amazing tech support, easy to install, and many tools available to our store manager with video tutorials teaching everything step by step. There was no downside to this decision. 

Please tell us what your experience has been with our system.

Counting is easy and fast. Trax provides more information and tools than most managers will probably bother using, but I’d recommend taking the time to set everything up and use everything available to get the store running at its best. The store manager can access the program from a home computer or a cell phone. Trax takes photos, so you can quickly scroll through the thumbnails and turn off the double counts or counts of employees instead of sitting through hours of mind-numbing video wishing you could stab your eyes out.

What were you originally doing in your stores to track customer traffic and to follow up with unsold customers?

We were using a first generation IR system, which “worked”, but parts regularly had to be replaced and accuracy was about 60%, so it was garbage. The only data available to the store manager from the counting system was people exiting the gift shop.

What reports do you specifically use and how do you use them?

We have two different uses for the system. The museum side only cares about visitor counts. The store manager hasn’t really touched it yet, but I expect it to make her job much easier.

We have a money back guarantee of a 15-25% increase in sales and productivity… have you noticed any performance differences or increases?

We just installed it, so no. However, I can definitely say that we will have the most accurate possible system.

If someone called you about Trax what would you tell them?

Don’t waste your time shopping around. You’re just going to end up back here anyway. This is the best choice. Period.

Do you have any recommendations or ideas that would help us improve the overall TraxSales solution? If possible, could you attach a photo of the area in need of change or an example of the proposed ideas?

A heat sensitive camera option that tracks customer movement throughout the store over time and shows a color coded map of where they spend the most time, and how that changes throughout the day. This is a bit redundant because of the upboard system, but still maybe useful for product placement and arranging the store to better accommodate traffic patterns.

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