Text Suggestions for Salespeople

Text Templates


Thank you for the opportunity to show you (product) here at ___________ I wanted to let you know that we have a great sale (currently in progress, coming up next week, soon) on that brand. Hope to see you soon! Name


We are getting a shipment of the (mattress, appliance, etc.) you expressed interest in when you visited ___________ and I can offer a ship date that meets your needs. Please call or come in to make this happen! Name


Thanks for visiting our ___________ showroom. It was my pleasure discussing your needs. Just a reminder that we get new styles in all the time and I welcome the opportunity to assist you! Name


Hi, Mrs. Smith! Don’t miss our huge sale to celebrate (Holiday). Save up to XX% on everything you’ll need to make the (Holiday) special. You can call me at xxx-xxxx or text me at this number. Name


Glad I was able to assist you today here at ___________. The measurements on that Product are XXX. If you have any further questions, please be sure to let me know. I am happy to help and available by text any time. Have a great day! Name


Mrs. Jones – You mentioned you were looking for Product and we are offering a coupon of $500 towards your purchase this week. Contact me to set up an appointment to seize this opportunity here at ___________! Name


Just checking in, Mrs. Jones. I am here at ___________ to provide a great customer experience and wanted to thank you for visiting our showroom. Please call if I can assist you with any of your needs. Name

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