Why it’s a bad idea to track customer’s smart phones and what the “FTC” says about it.

Dear Retail Store Owner,

When I started my company in December of 1996 there were 2 other traffic counter companies in existence. Here are some ideas on what to avoid while searching.

A survey of 1,000 consumers indicated that, “8 out of 10 shoppers do not want stores to track their movements via smartphone” and “nearly half (43%) of shoppers are less likely to shop at a favorite retailer if the brand implements a smart phone tracking program.”


This article discusses the percentage of adults who use smart phones in the USA and this does not include people who turn off their Wi-Fi before going shopping. It says only 68% of adults have smart phones.


Here is the research regarding how consumers feel about tracking their activity with a smart phone. [Consumers just say no to in-store mobile tracking]


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More Infomation on how retailers track you below:


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