Upboard Customer Relationship Management

Why would I need an automated upboard program? This system is designed for big-ticket ($350+) retailers that want to track individual closing ratios and customer follow-up.

The harsh reality is that if you have 10 salespeople they are generating approximately 40-60 thousand is sales per month each, (+ or -) depending on your company. This means that you are generating $400,000 to $600,000 per month in gross sales. We also know that your advertising budget is between 4 and 9 percent on average of your gross sales or equaling as little as $16,000 per month up to $54,000 spent each month on advertising. If your average sale equals approximately $1000 then your advertising cost per sale is somewhere between $40 and up to $90 per customer.

Every time you let a customer walk out the door and can’t professionally follow-up, you are increasing the chances that your competition will follow-up professionally and you reduce your chances to make that sale. You lose the $40 to $90 you spent to get that customer to come in and look.

Most dealers tell me that they believe their closing ratios are between 20 and 30%.

Do you believe that the average stores closing ratio is about 12% for first time customers and is over 70% for customers that return a second time on the same project?

Research by Fortune 500 Companies Show

•It costs seven times more to bring in a new customer, compared to every dollar spent selling an existing customer.

•40% of all customers who purchase, DO NOT make the purchase in the same year they first begin to shop.
75% of the people who make a satisfactory purchase do not go back to that same store for their next purchase.

Primary Reason -No Loyalty Developed.

Our “UpBoard/Coaching System” (Customer Traffic Log) salesperson rotation system is the most remarkable tool a big-ticket retailer could use to help their salespeople with Unsold Customer Follow-up. It guarantees better customer service and improved profits. This upboard program tracks all Unsold Customer Activity and Follow-up, Individual Closing Ratios, Advertising Effectiveness, Goal Setting, Performance (closing ratios) by Product Category and much more.

Revenue Per Up (RPU) This acronym really says it all, as far as the investment retailers put into every new customer who walks into their store or showroom. RPU automatically analyzes how well each store does regarding closing ratios compared to overall opportunities.

We believe your biggest challenge as a retailer is getting your salespeople to want to do the things you need them to do. Our upboard program can motivate your sales force to excel!

Our automated upboard program software – which is just like having you stand on your sales floor all day long every day quietly observing every salesperson’s activity with every customer – can be a great teaching and motivational tool. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to know where your salespeople have the biggest problems on the sales floor?

Do you need an automated TRAX Upboard program? Don’t ask your salespeople, ask your accountant.

Oftentimes we speak to retail business owners who say they need to confer with their salespeople or store managers before trying the Upboard Program. This is a bad idea because your salespeople and many times your store managers have a different agenda than you, the owner. The best person you could ever ask about Trax is your CPA. This is the one person who is smart enough to evaluate this product properly and whose opinion you can trust. Your CPA or accountant also has only one motive – to ensure you are profitable and successful.

We guarantee that your salespeople will use the Trax upboard program and love it within 90 days or we take it back. You just need to complete five basic tasks: 1. Set up sales goals, 2. Print unsold customer “Thank You” letters, 3. Set up automatic Print of Performance Letters for your sales team, 4. Attain a 25% unsold customer follow-up percentage.

The real question is…Do you know how many customers each of your salespeople speak with each day?

Bill Gates writes in his book, Business at the Speed of Thought, “The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from the competition, the best way to put distance between you and the crowd, is to do an outstanding job with information. How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.” Strong words and recommended reading.

The clear meaning here is measuring everything you do, especially the information on the sales you don’t make…

Ok, you have my interest. Let me take a look at your upboard program demo.

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