Using the TraxSALES Upboard to Transform Goal Setting

How can you keep salespeople on top of monthly goals across all locations?

Structured, attainable short- term goals will fast track your team’s success rate. The TraxSALES Goals Program permits you to automatically break down your monthly goals by week & create a minimum performance level.

  • When a salesperson is above their goal for the week, they get two thumbs up.
  • When they are below their goal yet above the minimum, they get one thumb up.
  • If they are below their minimum for the week, they receive a caution sign.
  • When a salesperson has performed way over their goal for the week they receive a double eagle symbol.  You can adjust the double eagle goal to any percentage over the goal you desire.

TRAX provides the full report, displaying the monthly goals & progress by salesperson & for the entire showroom. This report does not display any numbers, but does let everyone know how they compare & keeps sales staff accountable for each month’s standards.


Special Notes on Goal Setting

  • Set goals that promote success. Most dealers structure their goals based on percentage increases over last year. Set the minimums based on the dollar volume level where a sales person is not doing themselves or the company any good.  For starters, we suggest approximately 25% of the goal.  If the goal amount is $10,000 per sales person per week, the minimum would be $7,500.
  • Setting goals is a two part strategy. Set the goal evenly for all sales people (assuming equal hours worked). Then set a separate private goal for each salesperson based on their personal goals and motivations.  This is based on a one on one conversation regarding the amount of money they want to earn for the year.  If a salesperson’s personal goals do not exceed the basic fair share goal, examine the reasons. There are only two possibilities.  You are severely understaffed and your salespeople are at peak performance already, or you have an individual who is not very goal-oriented and maybe is not right for this profession.


One simple report & printout can revolutionize your staff’s motivation & ultimately your bottom line. Get started with the Upboard & change your business today- call 713-466-7177.

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