Using the UpBoard Performance Summary to Stay Informed

Can you easily & effectively measure each of your store’s performance at a glance? With the TraxSALES traffic counter & Upboard CRM system, you are always one click away from the data you need to constantly assess store success.

The performance summary is a quick check of each store, & provides store owners or managers with:

  • Dollar volume per square foot of retail selling space
  • Lists all sales associates & calculates total dollar volume by salesperson
  • Provides total number of sales for any given period; day, week, month, year etc.
  • Calculates number of items per sale
  • Generates total number of opportunities visited by each sales person. (You should monitor this number weekly for the entire showroom and company to determine if you are getting better or getting worse).
  • Provides average sales per hour by sales person with an overall showroom average
  • Provides conversion rate (closing ratio) by salesperson and an average for showroom
  • Provides the revenue per up by salesperson with a total average for the entire company. Using this number simply guarantees improvement.
  • Provides a monthly comparison of advertising effectiveness with cost per opportunity and cost per sale monthly analysis.
  • The system also provides you several additional options- track how many return customers committed to each salesperson, warranties, or units rather than dollar volume for goals.

In short, you and your management team have a large percentage of what you need to assist your sales team in becoming the best in your market- in one simple report.

Owning a business is hard. Analyzing your data shouldn’t be. With TraxSALES, reports on your customers, staff, & store performance are available all in one place. Get started with the Upboard & change your business today- call 713-466-7177.


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