Dear Retailer,


I think it is great that you are looking at other types of people counting technology as any smart owner would do in order to see what is the best fit for your company.

I did want to share a little information about the other technology out there so you have some more details about the other tech on  the market as compared to our camera technology.

Infrared technology has been around for over 20 years and for a while this was the best you could do when trying to count opportunities.  But just like the 8-Track and the cassette Walkman they have become obsolete as newer technology has been developed.  Infrared has been surpassed by video and camera traffic counters.  You no longer need to base your customer traffic numbers on what could be a man, a woman, or a pack of dogs or wonder if a customer count is an actual client, an employee or delivery person. Because data accuracy is so important there is no reason to take your customer counts, divide by 2 and then take out an estimated % (which you are guessing for that day).

Smartphone retail traffic counting although not necessarily older technology has become more of a detriment than a benefit for many retail businesses. This is for three main reasons.

  • Only around 70% of adults have a smartphone which leads to inaccurate counts
  • 80% of customers do not want their smartphone tracked so it can drive away business like in the study performed by Nordstrom (Why They Stopped Here)
  • It can also get you in trouble with lawsuits for tracking minors (FTC Lawsuit Here)

Just some food for thought while you take a look at what else is out there.


Daniel Chambers
VP of Marketing Manager

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