Why Is Unsold Customer Tracking Important

The Visual Proof 2™ Traffic Counting System is the most accurate Traffic Counter in the world, as a matter of fact, calling it just a traffic counter is a disservice.  It does not count as people leave your store, instead it counts buying groups as one, and automatically subtracts for non-customer activity.  The retail Argus system provides traffic analysis reports that automatically upload to your PC and/or the Internet, allowing you maximum flexibility to view your data 24/7 anywhere in the world through a secure, password protected portal, keeping your information safe and secure.

There is a retail reports module that we guarantee will drive improvement in any retail environment. It compares staffing to customer activity, closing ratios, revenue per guest, and much more. These reports provide the tools you need to create the sales performance enhancements that you’re looking for.

It provides an honest picture of the potential your company has by measuring the number of opportunities who visited and did not purchase.  It also tells you how many potential customers visited each hour and determines if you were staffed properly.  There is nothing more frustrating for a customer who visits and has a question to ask, or wants to write up a sale and can’t find a salesperson.  Sometimes these potential buyers are so angry they never return.

Visual Proof 2 provides business owners and retail managers with key performance indicators to help manage staffing during peak hours, sales team performance, and opportunities missed.

Most business owners don’t realize the true potential of their business because they only have information on the actual sales. This is only half the picture, without knowing your conversion ratios (how many people visited and did not purchase) you are missing a fantastic opportunity to dramatically improve your business.

Trax has 25 reports that will knock your socks off, including a sales goals program that is the best in the retail industry.

What if you learned that your closing ratio was half of what you thought it was or half of what your managers are telling you they think it is. The opportunity for improvement is sometimes great.

Measurement of customers visiting and not purchasing is the heart of improvement in any company, and “if you can accurately measure this number you can and will improve it.”

NoInfraredVisual Proof 2 Camera Based Sytem is the only one of it’s kind. All other traffic counters use 50 year old infrared camera technology with no Visual Proof customer time stamps. The truth is that with older technology you don’t know if its the mailman, a salesperson or a pack of wild dogs. Comparing The Difference Article.

We are the only company with a 90 day, money back guarantee. We’re able to offer our industry ground breaking guarantee because we manufacture the devices we sell. We want you as a customer and a testimonial for life, we know that if you try our product, you will love it and tell other business operators you know about us.


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