Why TraxSales can fail without the owner spending 3-5 minutes each week using BABTA and IGE reporting.

Dear Dealers,

Just so you know, if ownership does not take 3-5 minutes per week to insure that everyone knows that measuring conversion ratios and customer follow-up tracking is important then Trax will totally fail.

All you need to do is look at the BABTA reports and zap the person on the bottom of the list. That’s it. Simple effective and powerful. Just zap one manager or salesperson each week and your job is done. Are you getting the weekly email report? Do you have a TraxSales Administrator?

If you don’t do this and assume that Trax will work all by itself we are doomed and you have wasted your money!

Please read these short articles I wrote then let me know if we should turn off the system and part friends.

6. How to turn Trax into a money making machine with IGE and NIN

23. How to Use BABTA “Below Average Brought to Average” analytics to improve sales and profits on every sales floor immediately!

You should also turn on your advertising measurement tools? Please email Dave@TraxSales.com and we will get back with you shortly to insure you are set up properly.

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