Why Use the Trax Text Service?

a Safer, more reliable, more effective, and easier to monitor communication method

Are you leaving your employees exposed?

Do your employees currently give their personal cell phone numbers out to customers? Let’s face it we all love our customers but let’s also be aware that some of them are weirdos and if you’re giving permission to your salespeople to send text messages to these people you might be exposing them to Great Danger. Why not use your Trax CRM and not only protect your employees but also have a master log of all photos and conversations coming and going.

We have a fantastic promotion going right now that will save you a lot of money and we are also including additional services where if your store ever gets into overflow we can send you and your management team a text instantly. And finally included in this package is upboard texting so when a salesperson moves from position 3 to position two on the upboard they will also get a personal text that says… You’re up next!

This is normally $18 per month per salesperson and we are taking 50% off and if you purchase it annually we will take an additional 20% off that number.

Don’t delay, save some real money and most importantly protect your sales people and make them even more productive with this wonderful texting service.

I wanted to leave you with one parting thought. This texting service is fantastic because one of our very successful parts of the program is tracking how often each salesperson captures quality information when they don’t make a sale and our most successful dealers capture this information and then create a private sale each month and many times the private sale is record-breaking and it doesn’t cost you a nickle. Also this texting service is a fantastic Turn Over (T.O.) when you can typically get a text in your customer’s hand before they start the engine of their car to drive away and if it’s good enough they stop shopping around and walk back in. Give it a try, you can turn it off at any time.

PS. We will also personally train your entire team on how to maximize performance with this great service and much more. All we need to do is get everyone huddled around a PC on the internet for 25 minutes and we do the rest.