Why Use the Trax Texting Service?

Are your employees putting themselves at risk by providing their personal cell phone numbers to customers? While it’s important to prioritize customer satisfaction, it’s also essential to consider potential safety concerns. By allowing salespeople to send text messages to customers, you could be exposing them to unwanted danger from unfamiliar individuals.

To ensure the safety of your employees and maintain a record of all communication, consider utilizing our Trax CRM texting services. Our promotion provides a cost-effective solution that includes additional services such as instant alerts when your store is experiencing overflow, and personalized notifications when salespeople move up the Upboard positions.

Don’t compromise the safety of your employees, take advantage of our secure and reliable texting services.

Take advantage of this incredible offer and protect your sales team while enhancing their productivity with our exceptional texting service. Normally priced at $25 per month per salesperson, we are now offering a 20% discount when you purchase an annual subscription.

With our service, you can track how often each salesperson captures quality information, which can lead to private sales each month that have proven to be record-breaking. Additionally, our service serves as a powerful Turn Over (T.O.) tool, as you can send a text to your customer before they leave, potentially stopping them from shopping around and resulting in more sales.

Our team is committed to ensuring your success with our service, which is why we provide personalized training to your entire team. In just 25 minutes, we can have everyone ready to maximize their performance with our service and more.

Don’t hesitate any longer, give our texting service a try today. You can turn it off at any time if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

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