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1. Everything you need to get started with Traxsales

2. Visual Proof Troubleshooting Guide

3. Manager Training how to edit Visual Proof Pictures

4. How to set up RPG importing

5. How to use the Import RPG page

6. Accuracy Of Visual Proof Testing Form (But The new “Smart Door Chime” works best for testing)

7. Goal Reports

8. Trax Weekly Goal Spiff Contest (this is a money maker only takes a few moments a week and will invigorate any sales floor to smash sales records!)

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9. Our newest invention (The Smart Door Chime)

10. Visual Proof-v2 for existing Argus UpGrade Clients

11. Premium Package for DSDC and In Store Warrenty and Tech Support/Service

12. TraxSALESforce Automation CRM Training

13. Buy Now

14. Asus Wireless Device Install Guide – Requires 802.11N or newer wireless router or adapter

15. Netgear WNCE2001 Wireless Device Install Guide – Requires 802.11N or newer wireless router or adapter
16. Netgear WNCE3001 Wireless Device Install Guide – Requires 802.11N or newer wireless router or adapter
17. Traxsales could have saved Radio Shack
18. API Functionality and Benefits
19. RQ4 import procedure
20. Polaris Training Video
21. Golf Express – Jason Fryia Training Video

Dear Retailer, Why Camera Technology is The Best & most Accurate

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Greeter Setup Training Page

Greeter Q Video For Wireless

Greeter Q Wireless Presentation

Greeter Q Video For Jewelers

Greeter Q Jewelers Presentation

Greeter Q Video for Furniture

How To Set Up Greeter Your Program

Dave’s Visual Proof Presentation

Presentation for Jewelers
Dave’s UpBoard Presentation

Ashley Furniture Testimonial TraxSales

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