Ashley (PRL) Furniture Testimonial

Name: Philip George

Company: PRL Furniture, the parent company of 3 successful Ashley Homestores 

Philip and his team have had a great experience with our Trax system over the last 6 years. They chose our software due to its unique method of monitoring customer foot traffic. The Trax system features a camera-based people counter called Visual Proof, which captures a time-stamped photo of every opportunity that enters the store. These photos can easily be assigned to the salesperson that worked with them, providing detailed metrics on marketing, staffing, and sales performance.

Since implementing the Trax system in their Ashley stores in 2017, Philip has reported an overall positive experience and significant results. In fact, he has stated that our system has helped increase sales by 15-25%.

If you are in the furniture industry and looking for a solution that not only monitors foot traffic but also streamlines your team’s sales rotation, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our system can help you achieve measurable results and improve your overall business performance.

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