Stephen Barnes

CEO of Barnes JEwelers & Jewelry Consultant

Stephen is a successful business owner and consultant within the Jewelry industry. He has been using the Trax People Counting software for over 3-years and has kindly shared his experience with us so far! Read below for more!

Stephen's Testimonial

Please give us a brief history about your company.

  • Barnes Jewelers was started by my father, Doyce Barnes, in 1980.  I am a 2nd generation jeweler who has been working in the business for over 30 years.  Our 1st POS software was the Edge that we integrated in 2003.  We have tried many different people counting devices over the years.  From simple number counters on the door to sophisticated cloud based software that tracks people as they walk through the door. 

How did you get involved with TraxSales?

  • Dick Abbott, from the Edge software, introduced me to Dave Mink at a trade show several years ago.  David gave me a great demo of the Trax system and how he and Dick Abbott wanted it to integrate with the Edge.  I was very excited to see a system that was well thought out and worked seamlessly with the Edge.  I had tested several different “door counters” from various manufactures and did not find any that were to the level of the Trax system

What was the reason that you chose us?

  • I loved the fact that it integrated with the Edge software.  I also love the fact that I get a very real number of clients walking through my door.  With the ability to visually see who is walking through my door and being able to eliminate non-customer like the mailman, employees, ect that may be counted as customers

Tell me what your eperience has been with our system.

  • We have had a very favorable experience with the Trax system.  The equipment was easy to install and the app is very user friendly.  We did have one or two technical glitches in the early days.  But, the Trax customer support team was always there to hold our hands to diagnose the problem and get it fixed quickly

What reports do you specifically use and how do you use them?

We actually only use the visual interface and the time/day report to know what our traffic patterns are day over day and week over week.  We do love the Edge Pulse interface that allows us to see our closing ratio’s and our traffic patterns week over week and compares our data to others in our industry

You mentioned that you used our system to help your reporting for sales training and incentives. How do you do that?

We use the Trax system to help us train our staff on closing ratio’s.  We monitor store closing ratio’s and constantly looking to improve those metrics

We have a gaurantee of a 15-25% increase in sales or at least of productivity. Have you notice any increases?

We have seen an increase in productivity and it is due to more awareness of how many clients are actually walking through our door each day.  We are able to better staff for coverage and reduce payroll during slower times

If someone called you about Trax. What would you tell them?

I would simply ask them if they knew how many people were walking through their doors every day?  Then I would ask them do they know their closing ratio?  If they can’t answer either of these questions, I ask them do they know how much money they are losing by not know the answers to these 2 questions.  It is really this simple.  The only way to improve your bottom line is to track it, measure it and put strategies in place to improve it.  The Trax system is the right tool to help you accomplish all 3 of these things.  It is a no brainer.  Just do it!

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