How Can Brick & Mortar Stores Keep Ahead of Online Retail Sales?

Since the inception of the Internet, it was only a matter of time before shoppers began buying from the comfort of their own homes instead of fighting traffic or crowds. Online sales portals like Ebay, Amazon and others have taken money directly out of the pockets of brick and mortar retail outlets and made the overall retail industry more competitive.  

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But how does the modern day free standing retail store fight back?

There is one thing that you are able to offer that online retailers will never be able to compete with and that is personalized face to face customer service. These are clients that you are able to up sell, inform and give the positive customer experience that will keep them coming back.

Yes you will need to hire employees with the ability to interact with clients. Yes you will need to train said employees with product knowledge in order for them to be armed with as much information possible.  But there is one easy way to make sure that you assist each client that walks through your doors…… have employees available to help them.

One of the key elements in ensuring that your retail location is attending to each and every client the best way possible is to be properly staffed for the number of clients entering your location. Retail businesses must find the equilibrium between having the right amount of staff on the floor to attend to the customers and not to be over staffed so that you are paying employees to stand around.  Finding this intersection point can only be accomplished with analytical, accurate data.

Retail traffic counter technology offers a solution to help find this balance and to help brick and mortar businesses keep their customer service edge.This technology will give you the ability to ensure you are both staffed properly and that you are offering the best buying experience possible to every customer that comes through your doors.  With this technology you will be able to see customer traffic trends by the hour, day, week and even year to match your business staffing to actual sales opportunities.  There is a reason why stores like Walmart, Reebok, Wireless Zone are making business functionality decisions based around this technology and the data it provides.

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Your Free eBook Using Retail Traffic Counting for a Strategic Advantage

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