How Can Retailers Sell to Holiday Shoppers Year Round?

Right now the last thing retailers are thinking about is 2017 with the number of people in the stores and malls they want to take advantage of the money that is right here, right now. But forward thinking can make you a lot of money as the crowds begin to die down.

With only taking a few extra minutes with those clients walking through your doors you might be able to increase your future sales by 10 to 20%.  Does that have your attention? Usually hearing that you can make more money with very little extra effort does.

Would you like to receive information about other promotions we have in regards to INSERT PRODUCT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR HERE or other specials that come up? Or perhaps we offer a 10% discount on your birthday and would love to send you out a coupon for that when the time comes around. In about 85% of the cases they are going to say yes.

Retail CRM Information

If they make a purchase you are going to have their information in your point of sale system but does it have a way to follow up with them and send automatic emails for their birthday or when promotions come out on products in which they showed interest. Probably not.

By just getting their name and email you can sell to these clients whether they bought or not all year long.  But you need a customer relationship management system that is both user friendly and designed for the retail sector. Enter the Upboard CRM.

This CRM was created by a retail owner for the retail owner. It tracks all aspects of salesperson activity and sales results, ensuring every customer opportunity is handled properly and sales are maximized. The reports upload automatically to your PC, smartphone or tablet to view 24/7, anywhere you have access to the web. Now, you can check store performance and salesperson statistics at any time. Reports cover every important aspect of sales and customer relationship activity.

Most CRMs out there can cost $150 or more depending how many users you have and fields have to be modified and added in order for it to do what you want it to do. Who has time to make the changes needed to make it right for your business? What if you could set up the CRM once with the help of a live person that is focused on your success and only pay $75 a month for as many users as you want?

Finally, when you are looking at all of the CRMs on the market and trying to decide which one is right for your retail store, how many can import your point of sales data into the system? My guess would be very few.  The Upboard CRM and follow up system is the perfect system to implement in your retail store to sell unsold customers and follow up with sold customers to get them coming back.

This retail CRM system is designed for any retail store size or number.  It is time to stop letting money slip through the cracks and go to your competitors.

We can run through an online demo of the Upboard retail CRM in a matter of minutes and if $75 a month could increase your sales by 10% over the next year would that be a wise investment?  Get your free demo of the best retail CRM on the market today.

Retail CRM Information

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