Did Your Black Friday Customers Turn Into Sales?

Well Black Friday is now behind us in the retail world.  This meant 100s to even 1000s of customers lining up at stores around the world to try to get the best deals possible for friends, family members and of course themselves. Even if they got a few things they wanted on Black Friday, shopping for the holiday season has just begun.

Retail CRM Information

Each and every day between now and the new year there will be people searching for and buying gifts, but it does not stop there, in 2017 they will be buying Valentine’s Day presents, birthday presents, anniversary gifts and much more. How can you keep your brand on the top of their mind when they have the shopping urge or need? The answer is easy……follow up.

When it comes to emails most go into someone’s inbox and they delete them,l but when they are personalized and touch them at the right moment those emails turn into sales.  We are not talking about spamming, we are talking about sending a Happy Birthday email, or promote a sale on something in which that customer showed interest in the past.

It’s the email to the customer that got a wine stain on their couch over a family get together weekend and just happened to be looking into a new one when you reached out.  It is that wireless client that dropped their phone and is now looking for a new one when you touch base with them.  It is that man or woman that is looking for the perfect jewelry for their significant other.  These follow ups turn into sales and profits for your specific company.

Many retailers use a point of sales system to collect customer information, but does it send out automatic emails, create daily To/Do lists, streamline your sales floor and track UNSOLD customers? My guess is probably not.

Now there is a CRM on the market specifically designed for retail businesses that not only can input your point of sale data but also will completely optimize your sales floor so you are offering the best client experience possible and maximizing sales conversions for both sold and unsold customers.  For less than $100 a month you can implement this CRM for unlimited employees.

The time is now to start collecting that data on your customers in order to have the best 2017 for sales possible.  Check Pricing Here.

Retail CRM Information

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