How Do Retailers Make More Money During the Holiday Sales Season?

Well the time for shopping is not just around the corner it is now.  Just on the way to work today I heard 5 commercials talking about Black Friday savings that are “already happening”. Upon arrival to work 10 different emails in my inbox of which I clicked the link or 5 to see what offers were on the table.  I for one am trying to do my Christmas shopping early by taking advantage of the current discounts that are popping up daily.

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Many of these promotions are trying to push shoppers to brick and mortar stores both at the end of this week and until all the presents are under the tree on the 25th of December. Yes it is important to maximize the sales opportunities that come through your doors from now until the end of the year but why not do it year round?

For many retailers out there they increase their staff, advertising and inventory in preparation for this time of year.  But they are not keeping data on which promotions are functioning and giving the best ROI. They are not staffing according to traffic flow. They just know that more money is coming in due to the increased amount of shoppers coming into their locations.  Profits are good, but maximum profits are even better.

This is why many retailers have implemented traffic counters and CRMs (customer relationship management systems) to not only staff correctly in order to offer the customer a better buying experience but to also be able to sell to those customers that did not buy on their first store visit.

Although there are multiple options on the market today only a couple can link directly to your point of sale system in order for you to compare traffic flow and actual sales.  The TraxSales CRM can be used stand alone or with the traffic counter which uses camera technology to give you the most accurate counts on the market today.

It is time to make money this holiday season, and Trax wants you to make as much as you possibly are able.  For the free eBook and demo of the system click the link below.

Get Your Free eBook “Using Retail Traffic Counting for a Strategic Advantage”

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