How Retail Traffic Counters Prevent Over & Under Staffing

One of the issues that face retail businesses is trying to optimize the amount of employees working the floor. You do not want to have too few as the clients will not receive the customer service they require. You do not want to have too many as that means there is extra money coming out of your pocket and it is being spent on idle employees.

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Retail store traffic counters offer a solution to this problem. Multiple retail businesses have saved 10% and more off their overhead just by implementing a people counter and reviewing the data provided by the system.

When you use retail traffic counters you are able to track customer shopper trends. Through the analytics provided by the retail traffic counting system you can compare data over weeks, months and even years to properly analyze trends to ensure that you always have the correct number of employees on the floor.

People Counting Systems assist with the following:

1. Save Money by Optimizing Your Headcount
2. Determine Best Times for Employee Breaks
3. Ensure Customers are Receiving the Best Possible Customer Service

Given the proper information management is able to accurately forecast what the shopping trends will be for the coming week and properly schedule employees. Maximizing sales and reducing costs while providing the best client service possible.

With retail traffic counter analytics software however is much more than just a method to remedy staffing issues.

It also helps with the following for your retail business:

1. Schedule Cleaning & Maintenance During Low Traffic Times
2. Set Reasonable Goals for Employees Per Hour
3. Assist with Loss Prevention by Scheduling Enough Employees to Monitor Exits

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Having a retail people counter system in place that provides in-store analytics provides the foundation for better business decisions. Contact TraxSales today to see how Retail People Counting can help aid you business and help it continue to grow.

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