New Feature Daily To Do List [Add Action]

Dear Trax Family,

We have just added a new reminder tool for each of you so you can easily add a reminder for yourself on your Master To Do List located under Salesperson DB To Do List, on the top right you will see a new box. If you check this you can remind yourself about anything you want from additional follow-up that you need to do or a dentist appointment for one of your children!

We have also added the NIN “Next Item Needed” function on the Salesperson Activity Report for your convenience. The companies that ask their salespeople to use the NIN feature have reported fantastic sales improvements overnight when they ask the sales teams to use this feature and try to get a NIN 80% of the time after they make a sale. When sotre managers track NIN and request that the sales teams try to learn what the customers next purchase will be down the road it provides excellent customer service and helps everyone hit their goals faster!

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We have also added the Time with customers reports to the auto emails along with the closing ratios by product category and monthly sales goals by salesperson. If you don’t like these then you can go to Auto email reports and turn them off anytime.

If you have any questions please send me a comment.

Dave Mink, President
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