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Dear TRAX Dealers,

The following is a description of how the Import from your POS “IFPOS” works:

We believe that this new system will improve the average salespersons performance by permitting them to get on the sales floor faster by 2-3 minutes every time they make a sale. The biggest problem is that it is sometimes hard for salespeople to go back and enter information into any computer for follow-up. Only the most disciplined do it well and that’s why your top writers are generally well organized and disciplined. With IFPOS the work is done instantly and it requires 4 seconds to get all customer information into Trax. This will triple the effectiveness of your Trax Upboard right now and will make you and every salesperson in your company a lot of money.

A second major advantage of having full synchronization with your POS system is that at the end of the day it insures that you are much more likely to have totally accurate numbers, because every sale is accounted for including credits. This makes the TRAX goals program come to life and gives you accurate closing ratios and performance analysis for each salesperson. It also creates automatic follow-up for all of your sold customers regarding the next item they are interested in. Just utilizing the tools to keep a relationship going with all of your customers can possibly double a below average salespersons long term performance.. As you know, developing long term relationships is where the real money is.

Salespeople will go to the current UpBoard select themselves on the floor and select Enter Opportunity then select Customer Details.

The Customer Name is a dropdown. Just select the proper customer.

TRAX will automatically import all of that customers information that you just entered into your POS system including the sale amount and all customer details.

This will save each salesperson many hours a month in data entry and keep everyone on the sales floor longer and more productively than ever before. The only opportunities that will not be automatically entered into TRAX are the first time customers who have not purchased yet. As my friend Joe Capillo says… Most Dealers have no clue how powerful this Personal Trade is. They don’t realize that if you can get a customer back in on the original product, that their average closing ratio goes to over 70%. Most dealers believe their closing ratio for first time customers is 30-40 % (so there is no urgency).

I can absolutely prove that nationally the closing ratios for first time customers is approximately 16% or less. So this is a big deal because most dealers are losing potentially millions of dollars a year in sales opportunities.

Most customers that have be back dust sprinkled on them do not come back. With the IFPOS and NIN in place and your team trained (takes 10 minutes) then half that left without buying will come back and about 80% of these will purchase (if you set up this follow-up program).
Also the average sale and profitability goes way up with these followed-up customers as well.
Granted it takes some effort on your part, but the rewards are huge… Don’t let this slip away.

I am so excited because this Import functionality will make TRAX even easier to use and make everyone more productive in numerous ways.
Please call me if you have any questions or comments.
Dave Mink, direct phone # 713-854-7706

This is the Employee Set Up Screen located under Administration in eTRAX. You will need an administrative password to access this screen. Please note, you must include your POS password so it matches the new column displayed below. This is a translation table and permits your Employee ID to match ours. You must edit each employee so this IFPOS_ID matches your current ID.

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