Our newest invention and addition to the Visual Proof Traffic Counter

We have created another new invention that I believe will help your salespeople provide better customer service. It’s a new directional smart door chime that only goes off when people walk in, not when they leave. Most salespeople have convenient hearing and tend to ignore a door bell or security buzzer that goes off all the time. It also comes with 100 feet of speaker wire so it can be installed in the back area so only the sales people hear it, not the customer who has just entered, and the volume can also be adjusted insuring a higher level of professionalism in all your stores. We believe it will help you improve customer service and the biggest advantage is that it holds the traffic counter accountable for perfection. If you see someone come in and you did not hear a chime then something is wrong with the counter.

Audible Entry Tone with volume control and different tones for each different entrance so you know exactly where the customer is coming from if you have multiple entrances. Please add $199 for this additional software and device. The door chime is plug and play and instantly connects and begins to work. We include 100 feet of speaker cable for your convenience.

This Directional Smart Door Chime is also interesting because it holds our system accountable for immediate accuracy because it only goes off when someone enters. If you do not hear a tone it did not count anything. Furthermore if you are hearing events any other time it lets you know. For example our system will attempt to capture an event if someone is leaving and someone else is entering at the same time. To give you a better synopsis of all activity the directional smart door chime makes tracking the accuracy of the system that much easier for you.

It’s one of my coolest inventions yet!

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