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Introducing Quick Up, the cutting-edge mobile retail management solution that simplifies sales rotation tracking and enhances customer engagement. This intuitive application not only monitors sales team performance, but also captures crucial data on customer interactions, empowering stores with invaluable insights for optimizing their sales strategy.

Enhanced Efficiency
Quick Up streamlines the sales rotation process, ensuring a fair distribution of customer interactions among sales team members, thereby optimizing overall efficiency.
Improved Performance Insights
By capturing and analyzing data on successful sales closures and customer contact information, Quick Up provides valuable insights into individual and overall store performance, enabling informed decision-making and strategy refinement.
Elevated Customer Engagement
With its systematic tracking of customer interactions, Quick Up facilitates personalized and effective customer engagement, fostering lasting relationships and increased customer satisfaction.
Optimized Sales Strategy
Quick Up's comprehensive analytics on product category performance and other essential fields empower retail stores to fine-tune their sales strategy, capitalize on trends, and maximize revenue potential.

Quick Up

  • Track an up in less than 3 seconds by selecting quick up.

Enter Opportunity

  • Rather than simply logging the up. Tap enter opportunity and easily capture customer information. 

Be Back

  • Look up a previous customer and start where you left off on their last visit.

Unique Management Tools

Quick Up provides reporting like never before. Access real-time performance metrics that will transform the way your team manages the store.

Capture Rate for Contact Information

Easily Find Below Average Performers

Real-time Performance Letters

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