Retail Traffic Counters For Optimizing Your Business

There was big news in the retail world over the past week. Walmart has decided to start rolling out systems in their stores to help determine the peak hours of traffic in order to staff accordingly.

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Walmart has come out to admit that customer service needed to improve as it was hurting sales growth. The new system they are putting in place to help track foot traffic in their stores aims to both improve customer service as well as give employees more certainty over shifts.

Immediately this has had an effect on Walmart stock. Increasing your business efficiency normally has that effect. After the announcement of implementing these retail traffic counter system Walmart’s stockholders saw an increase in their holdings immediately.

But you do not have the be the biggest retailer in the world to decide to put retail traffic counters in your store or chain of stores. Implementing these system will allow you to base business decisions on accurate data instead of guessing when your peak hours are occurring.

It does not matter if you have 1000 stores throughout the country or if you are just one location, retail traffic counters will help optimize your business, create better customer service and help you staff efficiently. You do not want customers entering that are not being waited on appropriately nor do you want employees idly standing around collecting a paycheck for doing nothing.

Retail traffic counters will help you ensure the highest customer service and ensure you are not spending too much on employee overhead.

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