3 Different Types of People Counter Systems

Visual Proof

  • high-definition photo captured of every customer 
  • Verifiable accuracy
  • Groups are counted as a single opportunity 
  • Easily remove non-opportunities 
  • Assign opportunities to the salesperson that worked with them
Perfect for low to high volume retail locations that are looking for data that they can verfiy is accurate. Performs exceptionally well for big ticket retailers that have a commission driven salesfloor. 


  • Uses body temperature to monitor incoming customers
  • Unverifiable accuracy 
  • Counts incoming and outgoing customers
  • Unable to remove non-opportunities or repeat customers 
  •  Groups are counted as multiple opportunities

Good for extremely high traffic locations that aren’t concerned about counting non-opportunities and just need a general average number of people. 


  • Counts by pinging the client’s cell-phones
  • Tracks anyone with a smart device 
  • Potentially counts passing traffic
  • Unverifable data
  •  Able to monitor customer traffic flow throughout the store
Good for high-volume retailers that aren’t concerned with extreme accuracy. However, make sure to review your regions trade regulations. As it’s illegal in many areas to track a minors cell-phone, and could result in a penalty. 




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