Salesperson’s Agreement, People counts,

Salesperson’s Agreement
Your Company
We are gathered here to unite two great forces the TRAXsales/CRM system with _________________ (salesperson name).
TRAX satisfies the need for accurate measurement of all customer activity. We at TRAX strongly believe that using this system will dramatically improve the selling performance of all that participate. We also have seen proven results from other TRAX users that show your personal income will improve with regular use of the TRAX system.
A union such as this requires patience, commitment and perseverance. While the road may sometimes seem rocky, the benefits of a solid union will prevail.
In pursuit of a happy and successful union, TRAX asks that you take our vow of commitment.
From this day forth, I, ________________, understand and agree that the benefits of this system, as described in the (23 minute) TRAX Salesperson Orientation Presentation, will far outweigh the minimal efforts required.
Further I agree to make a complete and dedicated effort to collect good information for every possible customer contact and to enter such information in the TRAX system.

Signed: _________________________Date: _______
Witnessed By: ______________________Date: _____

By the powers vested in TRAX, we now pronounce you to be an official member of the TRAX Family.
Welcome & Congratulations!
Also send a copy to your corporate office to the owner’s attention. This is required before our management seminar can be scheduled.

“Back for more TraxSales UpBoard Basic Training”

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