The Best Follow-Up Tool

Texting is by far the easiest and most effective method to follow-up with all your sold and unsold customers!

List of Benefits

  • Convenience
  • Streamlines Communication Management
  • Increase Automation and Notifications
  • Increased Success in Getting the Message Read
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer’s are Texting You!

Here’s How TraxSales Will Make this Possible For You!

  • We’ll store your entire customer database
  • Give each of your salespeople a personal cellphone number, so that they can individually follow-up with each of their customers
  • Managers will be able to monitor all correspondence between your salespeople and customers. Helping you guarantee a prompt follow-up!
  • Consulting will be provided to help you create the most effective texting campaign!
  • We’ll provide great tools to help you capture your customer’s contact information!
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