The Benefits of Tracking Unsold Customers

Oct 2022 – TRAX Sales

The Benefits of Tracking Your Unsold Customers

When it comes to retail sales, nothing is more important than the customers that choose to engage with your business. After all, your customers are what keep you in business, right? Therefore, it’s vital for retail businesses to track their customer traffic and gather actionable customer information to not only improve the quality of customer service they offer, from prospect to purchase, but to maintain engagement with the customer in order to anticipate future opportunities. While there’s no doubt that a buying customer is incredibly valuable to your business, there is also good reason to believe that your unsold customers are just as important to the success and growth of your business.


While many companies and businesses create a customer record or account when the customer purchases a product or service, many fail to put an emphasis on tracking customers who haven’t purchased. Perhaps those businesses would change their philosophy if they treated every customer interaction as if it’s that customer’s only interaction with the business. Just imagine – what would you do or say differently if this was potentially the only time that customer will ever be in your store, on your website, or calling you on the phone? After all, there is no guarantee that customer will ever take the time or effort to pick up the phone or return to your store or website. Can your business afford to squander such opportunities once that customer willfully chooses to engage? In today’s harsh and competitive market, every opportunity must be taken to extend and prolong the relationship with each and every customer, each and every time.


Tracking your unsold customers is also important because even though the marketing cost is the same for every shopper, at least you’ve recouped some of that cost with the customer who bought your goods or services. With a buying customer, you’ve gotten at least some return on that marketing investment, whereas with an unsold customer, you still haven’t made anything from your cost to get them into the store or onto your website.


If you consider that they were interested enough to make the effort to engage with your business, whether they’re calling in to ask about pricing, stopping by to look around, or checking your website for product availability, why not make the most of it by capitalizing on their interest? TRAX Sales makes it easier than ever with their UpBoard CRM that not only helps you capture actionable customer information, but also helps you to streamline how you serve your customers before and after purchase.


If your customers are the lifeblood of your business, treat them as such. Not only do they bring their money, in hopes of spending it with you, but they also – just by showing up – offer you opportunities to improve the way you serve them. With TRAX Sales’ widely popular door traffic counter, not only will you be able to see how many customers came in during a specific timeframe and how many of them were converted into sales, but you can dive deeper into the data to determine key metrics that can help to improve everything from staffing, marketing, inventory, and so much more.


Contact TRAX Sales today for a FREE, no-obligation demo of their retail people counter, UpBoard CRM, and sales analytics tools and join over a thousand other satisfied retailers across the country that rely on TRAX Sales to help them grow their businesses.

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